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About Us

Bimtex, provide a range of Digital HomeUPS /Inverter systems to terminate long and frequent Power Cut woes. A Complete Software based system with advanced algorithm and battery sense technology.

Birth of Bimtex

Few time have passed remembering walking down the dark lanes and streets we could not see anything,finding way was difficult,grooping and putting a well measured step forward was the only option left to defy the demon,”the darkness”.never had we seen the darkness so wild,Never had we seen the darkness so intense,never had we seen the horror of darkness so powerfull.We had walked a little bit more further , the darkness by then had started playing on our mind and we had almost surrendered to the darkness.

Just then we saw few fireflies flying. the light emitted by the fireflies helped us see the streets roughly but off course we could definetly see some way forward . Suddenly the streets and lanes were lightened up and we realised it was a routine power cut. Feeling the dearth of wildness ,fear and horror of darkness and also seeing the courage of a small insect to lighten up the streets ,an idea flashed our mind and the foundation stones of “bimtex” were laid.

Had not been the darkness so wild and intense there had been no need of “bimtex”. A small insect like fireflies made a never ending impact on our mind and told us something most valuable without uttering a single word that no work is more larger then the courage of ourselves. Small or big power can be delivered by anyone if application is correct.

So with this views and understanding, the stones of “bimtex” were laid with vision to defy darkness,stand tall,take challenge and erradicate power cut problems at click of fingers.

Our Approach